About Us

We, the dedicated team of results-driven professionals at SRS Combined Cargo Pvt Ltd, are synonymous with superior logistics services and unwavering commitment to providing our clients with optimum solutions.

Let's navigate through the logistics challenges, ensuring your goods move with precision, safety, and efficiency, as we carry your trust with utmost integrity.

Our Mission

In the pulsating heart of the ATM logistics service, we embed our mission: to revolutionize the transportation industry for ATMs, intertwining it with unparalleled security.

We steadfastly maintain an adept understanding and profound knowledge of the evolving ATM and payment processing industry, ensuring our solutions are not just relevant, but also innovative and forward-thinking.


Our Vision

Navigating the future, our vision is crafted around the capability to provide tailor-made solutions for merchants and agents across the spectrum.

Whether it's managing a standalone terminal in a small convenience store or overseeing a robust portfolio of 200 terminals, our adaptability springs from our unwavering commitment to principles of originality, reliability, and technologically driven solutions.

Our Strengths

  • 23 Express distribution Centres and many more SRS Express & Supply Chain Private Limited distribution Warehouses working in a hub and spoke model to ensure on time and seamless delivery at destination.
  • More than 200 vehicles across the country help us deliver every shipment in a time definite period and helps us to stay ahead is reaching translating to give our customers the competitive edge.
  • A well-developed wide network and an optimized route planning system enables disciplined delivery & in being highly efficient express cargo delivery company.
  • 24/7 service level monitoring system that ensures safety, security and on time delivery.
  • 24×7 customer care center that provides support for every query.
  • Online tracking, sms and e-mail updates of your shipment in transit.

Entrepreneurship with a Purpose Embrace the Owner’s Mindset

Our organization embodies the collective spirit of its team. We're not just employees; we are owners, unwilling to accept ‘impossible’ as an answer. We push limits, wisely utilize resources, ardently pursue goals, practice frugality, and fuel our passion towards business excellence with persistent initiatives.


Customer Centricity Delighting Every Customer

Our customers aren’t just important; they are our raison d'être. With an unwavering obsession towards customer and stakeholder delight, we tirelessly strive to deliver sublime experiences, honoring our mission to traverse every extent to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Innovation and Execution Challenging, Innovating, executing

Engage in a perpetual dialogue with conventional norms, driving innovation with fresh, future-forward ideas and insights from the vibrant energy of youth. Maximize impact through world-class solutions that leverage IT, digital platforms, and emerging technologies, embodying agility and leading disruptive changes.


Collaboration Unity and Commitment

Formulating a team that's not just skilled but also committed, we foster businesses that deliver unmatched value. Our path is paved with strong relations with all stakeholders, ensured by upholding the highest standards of business ethics, humility, and governance.

Care for Environment and Society Conscious and Compassionate Citizenship

Our endeavors always aim to minimize environmental impact and ardently support scientific research that aligns with environmental and sustainability concerns. We nurture a culture of empathy within our entities, towards both colleagues and the underprivileged in our vicinity. Stepping forth as responsible corporate citizens, we contribute towards crafting a better society and a flourishing world.